Stephanie- Dental Hygienist

Stephanie joined our staff in February 2017. After working as a dental hygienist in Iowa City for 18 years she was thrilled to be back to work in the Riverside and Kalona area. Stephanie worked in our Riverside office from 2017 to 2020 when she moved to the new Kalona Family Dental building with the rest of our team.

Stephanie and her husband live in Kalona with their three French Bulldogs. They have four sons; three in college and one still living at home. Stephanie says her dogs are more spoiled than her sons.

If Stephanie were a dental superhero she would be “Cheshire” and use her special polish to transform everyone’s teeth and smile into big, bright white, gorgeous smiles.

Stephanie’s guilty pleasure is eating chocolate in the middle of the night. But, of course she brushes and flosses afterwards.